PrideMark's Mission

We serve the Opp, Alabama and surrounding areas with the highest quality emergency as well as non-emergency medical care to every patient.


PrideMark's Vision: 

"To constantly improve the service’s capabilities while continuing to provide the proper level of patient care for all types of pre-hospital situations."


PrideMark's Core Values:






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PrideMark EMS

What is PrideMark EMS? 

PrideMark EMS is an ambulance service that provides emergency and non-emergency transportation in Opp, Alabama and the surrounding areas using a fleet of emergency vehicles, known as ambulances.

Who started PrideMark, and why?

Two veterans of the Emergency Medical service industry, Nick Marcotte and Glenn Jowers began PrideMark EMS after witnessing members of their own communities going without quality prehospital emergency healthcare. They strive to reach the medically underserved in the area as well as anyone else in need.

Where is PrideMark EMS?

The company's base of operation, or headquarters, is located on Whaley St in Opp, Alabama. As of December 2015, a substation has opened in Florala, Alabama in order to better serve the residents of this South Covington County town.

What are the hours of operation?

Our services are available 24 hours a day each day of the year. Emergency healthcare never closes and neither do we.

What services do you offer?

Please see our "Services" tab for more information.

Where does the name "PrideMark" come from? Why is there a lion in your logo?

During the inception of the company, we agreed that one of our goals was to protect our own, such as our neighbors, our city and anyone else in their times of need, much like a family. The lion is well known for protecting their own territories, so since a family of lions is called a pride, and we here at PrideMark EMS protect our territories much like a pack of lions, so we became: PrideMark EMS!